Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New ways for interacting in games

A new videogames console has been devised by Nintendo. Its name - Wii - has in itself a meaning of how this product can be an innovative one.

At first, a less costly and powerfull videogames console can be somewhat too high risk for Nintendo. However, we (look at this... Wii!) need to know how the market reaction will be, for what really is a huge innovation given by the game commands as they provide beyond the use of wireless and all the hype: the sensing of gesture.

Regarding this, one can expect to play not just with its head and mind, but also, getting out of the sofa and start using movement and some physical exercise to interact with the play. We have already some authors that defend videogames for enhancing mind - now they can also defend videogames for physical exercise.

That what I saw, and that why I may expect a change in the home videogames console market. Stay alert to see how other known brands movements will be, as the case of Microsoft and Sony, and theirs XBox360 and PS3 videogames consoles.

For a quick look of this Nintendo offer, see

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