Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About learning spaces in higher education

A presentation about the value of learning space.
It was made at ED-MEDIA 08 and states current research about how the use of learning space affects higher education settings.

Taking the University Fernando Pessoa case, three kinds of learning space are listed:
- traditional classroom or individual learning spaces
- traditional group situations as labs and collective spaces or collaborative learning spaces
- traditional pass by and support places or social learning spaces.


A stream of the Paris Sakai presentation

A 28 minute performance related with the presentation about distance learning with Sakai can be seen at rtsp://video.cpm.jussieu.fr/Archive/visio/sakai/st080703_7.rm

It includes the powerpoint slides and audio/visual presentation (20 minutes) and a discussion period of about 8 minutes.


Friday, July 11, 2008

A presentation about distance learning

As a result of my involvement at UFP Virtual University we were at the 9th Sakai Conference, in Paris, beginning of July.

We try to contribute with a small powerpoint presentation about our flavour of e-learning and distance education at UFP Virtual University.

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