Saturday, July 22, 2006

Getting a sea landscape, not to close

One of the better ways to relax is to have a nice drink and a sea landscape sight.
I do not know why the sea make me such an effect. It is true that the phrase The Sea's Effects on Mind is part of a well know book by Michael Stadler.

However, in my case, there is a concrete explanation. As time allows me to retire at home, I have a nice place to be with a first line balcony where I can work, read and rest and have the sea as a "wallpaper".

During the past years (a decade), I realise that the sea is closer from home and the coast has been eroded in a visible way. Thus, sea is now almost two meters closer of my home. There's another 298 metters to get wet - hope it stills my life for that, but I believe that in a future not so far away, the place where I have so many good moments will be water covered and part of the Atlantic sea.

Anyway, you can see for yourself the cenary and why I like it, even considering the risk of getting wet...