Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UFPUV - one portuguese Sakai flavour

One of the projects that I belong to is the Virtual University project at UFP.
It starts in October 2004 as a Sakai pilot and evolves as the local elearning platform for all the university, running as a production facility since September 2005.

Within these years of experience we support our community with the help of Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment and we have some aknowledgement of our effort.

UFPUV is the new Sakai spotlight at Sakai Foundation website (http://sakaiproject.org)
The full text can be read at the same site.

You can reach UFPUV and consult its Wiki at http://elearning.ufp.pt/wiki

Monday, March 19, 2007

Five years ago...

Today is an important day for those who are fathers.
I remember one of such days, when my first son make three years old. I was far away, as I was in my PhD Viva day at Lancaster University in England.

My son was in Portugal (as all the rest of my family). I found myself in a quite stressfull situation... as your may guess...
Five years ago was a special day as I finished the job: a four year path to enter my academic professional track. Since them, a number of events take place with high intensity. This is so true, that I am amazed how so little time has passed.

Anyway, five years later, the times are so challenging has the times that were already passed - which is nice! (and a good sign)