Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Holidays are also a nice time to write a book

Holidays are, among other things, a nice time to be with the family. As a result, we can enjoy our mutual presence on 24 over 24 hours a day. This is very nice and as the word "we" means four guys for us, this is quite nice and enjoyable.

However, this year I need also to finish a book that I was payed for. This means that some of the time has to be spended on writing.

Near the pool, in spare times, or in early morning, always with a concern to not take much time from family time, I was able to finished the job.

It is a 160 pages book about Electronic Business in portuguese that provides a broad introduction to the theme. I realised also, hollidays are a productive time to write as I was abble to finished the writting within six weeks.

You can take a glance on the book cover, as it is currently being edited and is schedule to be published in December this year.

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